PPP Horehron


The Public-Private Partnership of Horehron region consists of village areas of Beňuš, Braväcovo, Bacúch, Polomka, Závadka nad Hronom, Heľpa, Pohorelá, Vaľkovňa, Šumiac and Telgárt. All named municipalities are associated in Horehron Micro region. This area comprises about 470 km2 with the number of inhabitants around 16 800.


The Horehron area is well known especially for perfect natural and territory opportunities (National Park Low Tatras, National Park Muránska Planina and National Park Slovenský raj). The region provides all seasons conditions not only for local agriculture but also for tourism, biking and sightseeing, rafting, downhill and cross-country skiing. The folk traditions as well as cultural awareness are reflected by many events, such as The Horehron Singing and Dancing Days (Heľpa), The Celebrations of Independence (Šumiac), The Old Slavonic Echoes from Kráľova Hoľa (Telgárt), The White Handle - folk festival (Braväcovo) and Midsummer Night of Music (Pohorelá).


The Public-Private Partnership of Horehron was formed according to common interest of all representative subjects in helping each other to provide increasing development, to create the coordinative institution acting for common interests and to cooperate. The Public-Private Partnership consists nowadays of municipalities of micro region from public sector and 22 business subjects, non – government organizations and non – juridical persons from private sector. The Public-Private Partnership of Horehron coordinates and focuses mainly on regional and territorial development, restructuring of production, development of small and medium sized businesses, tourism, services, education and culture, transport and technical infrastructure, natural resources and protection and environment. Since 2008 is the partnership in charge of meeting liability according to LEADER approach.


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